What do we do ?

We seek to play a role and a clear imprint on the success and development of the entertainment sector in the Kingdom

Rental, operation and sale

Carnival games - Festivals games and awards - tele match games - Aerial balloons and moving shapes - Squares and group games and their tools - Electronic games and video games - Collective and individual games stages- Maze - Ghost houses - Virtual games - special events halls - Exhibition and conference centers Lighting and special effects - Carnival models and tools

Importing international exhibitions and events

Shows and Parade games
Clown Shows - Stroller Rides - Animated models- Ice Skating Shows  strength and Fire Shows - Presentations

Group shows and teams 
Chinese's Circus / African's Circus / European's Circus / Women's Circus / Moroccan's Takht / Flags and Drums teams / Military music Teams 

Interactive presentations:
Virtual Theaters / Virtual Cinema / Dinosaurs' Shows / Dolphins' Shows / Robots' Shows / Interactive Video Shows /

Carnival marches

Ceremonial Parades / Carnival Parades / Water Marches / Electronics Parades / Festive Parades/ Children's Parades

Planning, implementation, production and management

Carnival concerts / Graduation parties / Beach parties / Color parties / Cartoon parties / Electronic concerts / Halloween parties / Birthday parties

Sports events and festivals
Tele match games / Trampolines / Challenge games / Group sports games / Maze games / Climbing games / Individual games / Electronic games / Beach games

Entertainment events and festivals
Parades shows / Receptions/ Children's shows / Animal's shows 

Events and special exhibitions
Stamp Exhibitions / Coins Exhibitions / Collectibles Exhibitions / Art Exhibitions / Educational Exhibitions / Awareness Exhibitions