Mission & Vision

The world is changing around us. We must look forward to continuing prosperity, and have a broad knowledge of the local entertainment requirements that will lead us towards globalization. We must be prepared for tomorrow starting today and move quickly to prepare for what will come;. This vision will contribute to creating a long-term perspective for our business and provide us with a road map through which to continue our success.

Company Profile

We continue to strive to improve our performance, find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside the Kingdom, and I appreciate your interest, confidence and commitment to achieve the goals of Events Oasis Company. I hope that God bless our journey and provide us with the options, and the community needs in all its parts throughout our beloved kingdom, and even to take it to the ranks of the world. I am confident that our team spirit, our commitment to sustainable growth, our commitment to values ​​and principles, and our dedication to the performance of our business will contribute to the improvement of our lifestyle, community cohesion, diversification of the economy and the enrichment of community content in our beloved Kingdom.